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Andoriña Hostel, Art&Culture is a small family hostel, 2 1/2 blocks before the Central Plaza in Samaipata. Samaipata has one of world´s best climates and is situated in between the Andes foothills. We provide the best quality in beds, breakfast (incl.), many common services, very accessible prices and a lot of information about trekking & hiking, with a guide or independently. For more information and reservations: (3) 944 6333

Thursday, October 27, 2005

How to get in Samaipata from Sta Cruz city ?

Being in Sta Cruz city, the easiest way is to take a taxi to the Samaipata taxi stop, Avenida Omar Chávez Ortiz / esquina Soliz de Olguin. A taxi fills up with four persons, which pay 25 Bs each. The drive takes about 2 ½ hours and the route is very scenic and most beautiful in the early morning or after 15-16.00 in the afternoon. About 50 metres after the taxi stop in Santa Cruz, at the same side of the street, leaves a microbus at 17.00 (15 Bs, be there at 16.45).

Microbuses (15 Bs) leave from Plaza Oruro, Avenida Grigota, at 16.15, be there before 16.00. However, the best option is the (spacious) microbus from Expreso Mairana leaving at the same time. To find them, cross the Avenida Grigota and turn left, close to Expreso Saipina. You’re lucky if that day their big red bus leaves, with more spacious seats and nice views due to the altitude of the bus ! Getting in Samaipata, the taxi can drop you at Andoriña, as well as the microbuses.

Coming from Sucre, your bus will pass by Samaipata at the inconvenient time of around 0500-0700 in the early morning. Don´t forget to ask very strict the driver to stop in Samaipata, because some of them forget ! We are situated 2 1/2 blocks before the Plaza Principal (ring the doorbell).

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